UDIN : Schedule Ramadhan software Version 1.0

Schedule Ramadhan software Version 1.0

Schedule Ramadhan version 1.0 is a spreadsheet (Excel-based 2003 and 2007) that is designed to simplify the calculation Imsakiyah schedule for a holy month for 497 districts
/ cities in Indonesia that covers 34 provinces, including the latest province (North Borneo). Point calculations for all 497 districts / cities that are in the capital of the district / city respectively, with position coordinates (latitude and longitude in geography) that were surveyed (through the help pages Google Maps and Google Earth) during 2011 to 2012. With This database so users do not need to bother anymore searching for the coordinates of the capital position of the district / city that became his home through a secondary source.

Schedule Ramadhan version 1.0 was just counting Imsakiyah schedule in the capital of a district / city, not at other locations that are still located in the district / city. Implementation to all corners of the county / city can be done by adding the tolerance factor (ihtiyaath), which has also been detailed in this spreadsheet.

After Schedule Ramadhan downloaded version 1.0 (download) and extracted to a particular folder, then the user should choose the capital of the district / city that existed before, the name of the capital city of the 497 districts / cities that exist in the database. The trick, point the mouse cursor to the column box next to the capital, then highlight down and select according to your choice.

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